The Migrant Family Support Center

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IIPSOCULTA’s most important work has been the creation of the Migrant Family Support Center (CAFAMI), located in San Francisco Tetlanohcan, a rural community in the state of Tlaxcala, Mexico.  CAFAMI was created in collaboration with local woman and a young professional from the village.  The mission of the center is to bring awareness and attack the root causes of migration and reduce the negative impact of migration that separate families and threaten the  local way of life.

The "Tekitilis," Young Volunteers of CAFAMI

The "Tekitilis," Young Volunteers of CAFAMI from Tetlanohcan

After 8 years, CAFAMI has been successful in building leadership in the community so that some  young people as well as young professionals now can stay in their village instead of migrating.  The young professionals that work and volunteer at CAFAMI have found their place in their community and have decided to stay and promote the mission of the Center in their community and throughout the world. 

CAFAMI is open Monday to Friday to serve the different needs of migrant families.

Group Classes, Case Management and Referrals, Community Organizing, and other Activities offered to the community are the following:

The Center. Click on Photo to see more Photos of Activities at CAFAMI.

– Advising on filing immigration papers

– Counseling on immigrant rights

– Lega Advising and Referrals in emergency cases

– English classes for children and adults

– After-School activities for children

– Classes in Náhuatl

– Local, National, and International Organizing

– Women’s Community Action Committee

ninos posada 4– Classes in Embroidering

– Cinema Nights

-Community Theater

CAFAMI also develops documentary films, has a local radio program, and publishes two columns in Mexican and United States newspapers.

Also, CAFAMI organizes the following annual community activities:

  • May 1st March for Immigrant Rights in the nahuatl class with manuelaUnited States (In Tetlanohcan, Tlax.)
  • Mass in Náhuatl promoting the recuperation of indigenous languages (October 4th)
  • Immigrant Families Pilgrimage to the chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe (December 12)
  • International Day of the Migrant -(December 18th)

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